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Watch this: Annie and Andrea


Despite what others say about it, at its core our film is about the triumph of activism. It’s about men and women who—totally abandoned and at great personal risk—found a way to challenge the most powerful institutions and confront years of misogyny and mistreatment of sexual assault victims. These women, men and allies have come […]

Fact check: The Hunting Ground and Wikipedia

Better Keyboard 2

On 11/19, opinion columnist Ashe Schow claimed that a member of our crew was “caught” editing Wikipedia to “make facts conform to the film.” In fact, our colleague was working, with full disclosure and in accordance with Wikipedia policy, to correct errors in Wikipedia articles and to expand articles in reference to high quality source […]

A Turning Point


On Sunday CNN broadcast The Hunting Ground into millions of homes and the response has been profound. Despite the best efforts of trolls and rape deniers on social media and in print to hijack the conversation, despite the pleas of FSU President John Thrasher for the public to tune out, despite legal threats from star […]

An Open Letter to Florida State University President Thrasher


From The Huffington Post: We respectfully but emphatically disagree with your criticisms of our film The Hunting Ground. Instead of making unwarranted and unsubstantiated attacks on the film, we urge you to take a leadership role in addressing the problem of sexual assault that exists on your campus and far too many others. We are […]

‘Why Critiques of the Campus Rape Documentary The Hunting Ground Only Prove its Point’


From the Huffington Post: Critics of the hit documentary The Hunting Ground – which illuminates in damning detail the prevalence of sexual violence at American universities – are ramping up their attacks just in time for The Hunting Ground‘s prime time debut on CNN this Sunday, November 22. And if they aren’t careful, their aspersions […]

Response to Statement by 19 Harvard Law Professors


Last week 19 Harvard Law School professors released an inaccurate and misleading statement to the press criticizing The Hunting Ground for its portrayal of the sexual assault of Harvard Law School student Kamilah Willingham and her friend. Everything in The Hunting Ground is accurate and thoroughly vetted. We fully stand behind Kamilah Willingham and all […]

Why are we waiting until college to learn about consent?


Annie E. Clark, one of the amazing women featured in our film and a co-founder of End Rape on Campus, argues in The Washington Post that education about consent should begin long before college orientation. Here is an excerpt: If you ask a college man if he would ever commit rape, he would probably answer […]

See Act Stop


As The Hunting Ground played in theaters, and was screened at conferences, universities and even at the White House, we started to hear from more and more people who wanted to do more than just watch. They wanted to take action and work to stop sexual assault on campus. So we created an online activist platform built […]

Til it happens to you

Lady Gaga   Til It Happens To You   YouTube

Lady Gaga and Diane Warren’s haunting theme song for The Hunting Ground has become an Internet phenomenon, helping to introduce the issue of campus sexual assault to a whole new audience. Below you can watch the PSA of the song, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and another video of fans’ reactions after seeing it for the […]