Featured Survivors

At its core, our film is about the triumph of activism. It’s about students who, at great personal risk, found a way to challenge powerful institutions and confront years of willful neglect towards sexual assault victims. Meet some of the courageous activists from our film:

Annie Clark is a women’s rights and civil rights activist, researcher and co-founder of the organization End Rape On Campus, and a lead complainant in the Title IX and Clery complaints against UNC.

Andrea Pino is a co-founder of End Rape On Campus, and the Director of Policy & Support. Since her graduation from UNC, her ardent support of survivors and activism has been featured in the national press.

Kamilah Willingham is an advocate and activist dedicated to gender equality, social justice, and human rights. A graduate of Harvard Law School and Pomona College, she currently works for the California Women’s Law Center.

Sofie Karasek is an anti-sexual violence activist and a co-founder of End Rape on Campus. Prior to her graduation from the UC Berkeley in 2015, she spearheaded several federal complaints against Berkeley and has assisted students nationwide.