Featured Action for MA Students

Massachusetts has two bills that will combat campus sexual assault—but they need your help to get to a vote.

  • H.632 preserves & strengthens Obama-era guidelines on campus sexual assault, which Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education rescinded in September.
  • H.2998 establishes a task force on sexual assault climate surveys to get students’ input on the prevalence and perception of sexual assault on campuses.

What you can do:

Contact your state representative

Click here to find your state representative, then use this sample script on the call:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I am a student at [COLLEGE]. I’m calling to urge you to vote yes in support of H.632 and H.2998, and to prioritize making sure these two bills come up for a vote. In today’s climate, as a student, I think the issue of campus sexual assault must be urgently addressed. Thank you for your time and attention. 

You can also click here to send your state representative a pre-written message through AAUW.

Ask your school president to publicly support these bills

Collect signatures on a letter urging your school to publicly support this legislation, then deliver the letter to the president’s office.

Download a customizable letter.

Spread awareness about campus sexual assault

Host a screening of The Hunting Ground and lead a post-film discussion about how your community can take action on this issue.

Click here to request a screening.

Want to do more? 

Share on Facebook and Twitter, and tag your school to make sure they hear your voice.

Sign the petition supporting H.2998.

Call your state Senator to thank them for voting in favor of S.2203, the state Senate counterpart to H.263, and ask that H.2998 be included in any final bill signed by the governor.

Join The Every Voice Coalition’s work advocating for safer campuses.

Write an op-ed for your school newspaper urging your school president to publicly support these bills. Here’s an example to get you started.

Learn more about the bills.

Everyday Actions

Download the Take Action Toolkit to advocate for your campus or in your community.

Download our Parent Guide to protect your college-age children on campus.