Filmmakers respond to efforts to silence the film & survivors

The Hunting Ground exposes how colleges and universities around the country have mishandled and covered up student reports of sexual assaults. Most schools have responded positively, screening the film and using it to help address the problem.

Two schools, Harvard Law and Florida State University, whose wrongdoings are exposed in the film, have resorted to blaming the victim and falsely attacking the survivors’ accounts in the film.

Every account in The Hunting Ground is accurate, and has been thoroughly vetted and confirmed. Tellingly, not one university or college—even those two attacking the film—have asked for a retraction of any fact in the film.

Here is the truth about these aggressive attempts to silence survivors:

Kamilah Willingham’s Account

A graduate of Harvard Law, Kamilah ran into the same obstacles faced by so many survivors.  After an independent investigation found in favor of Kamilah, her assailant’s dismissal was overturned by a group of powerful professors at Harvard Law School using a process that the Department of Education’s determined violated Title IX law.

Erica Kinsman’s Account

Erica attended Florida State University, and discovered firsthand how far universities will go to great lengths to protect their athletic programs. After accusing star quarterback Jameis Winston of sexual assault, Erica was failed by both her school and local law enforcement.