See Act Stop

As The Hunting Ground played in theaters, and was screened at conferences, universities and even at the White House, we started to hear from more and more people who wanted to do more than just watch. They wanted to take action and work to stop sexual assault on campus.

So we created an online activist platform built to harness the energy generated by the film and the public’s desire to do something to stop violence and sexual assault on college campuses. It’s called See Act Stop.

See Act Stop is a way for film viewers, coalition partners and other activists to gather, trade notes and — via actions large and small — make real change. Together, we can push the general public, policymakers and school officials to see the problem and act to do something to stop these crimes.

Please take a second and go to the link below and sign up to join See Act Stop. With your help, we can make sure that our campuses are more safe and just.

Thanks for your support and your energy. Let’s get to work.

- Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick

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