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The Truth About Statistics of Sexual Assault in College


This is an excerpt from “The Hunting Ground: The Inside Story of Sexual Assault on American College Campuses”, a companion piece to the documentary film. — There’s been a great deal of debate around the statistics of the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses, particularly the figure that 1 in 5 or more women […]

From the makers of The Hunting Ground: Thank You


When we started making our first film about sexual assault, The Invisible War, we were told time and again not to bother. The world, they said, had other interests and priorities—and sexual assault was not one of them. We are gratified and even somewhat astonished to write that now, two films and six years later, […]

It’s on Us to See Act Stop


As The Hunting Ground played in theaters, and was screened at universities, state legislatures, and at the White House, we started to hear from more and more people who wanted to do more than just watch. They wanted to take action and work to stop sexual assault on campus. So we helped create an online […]

The Hunting Ground Book


Today, we’re happy to announce the release of our book The Hunting Ground: The Inside Story of Sexual Assault on American College Campuses. This companion piece tells the story behind the film and takes a deeper look at the epidemic of sexual assault on our nation’s campuses. You will find compelling essays by leading experts; […]

Students Stand Against Sexual Assault


There are so many amazing organizations and individuals mobilizing for sexual assault awareness month. We wanted to take this time to acknowledge the student activists who have worked so hard to stand up for survivors. College students have been speaking out about sexual assault experiences and it has led to an unprecedented wave of activism, […]

Harvard Law Professor Diane Rosenfeld on the Importance of Title IX


In honor of Women’s history month, Diane Rosenfeld, one of the country’s leading experts on Title IX, offers her insights on why the law has been so integral to cases of campus sexual assault. In Rosenfeld developed the nation’s first and still only seminar on Title IX and sexual assault. She is the director […]

The Importance of Teaching Student Journalists How to Cover Sexual Assault


What’s the best way to ask a student who’s been sexually assaulted for an interview? How can a student journalist cover sexual assault in a way that does not put their publication at legal risk? How can a student journalist get corroboration from a traumatized survivor? These were some of the excellent questions asked by […]

We’re Streaming


The Hunting Ground is now available on Netflix. Our mission since we finished the film has been to sound the alarm on campus sexual assault as loudly as our voices will carry. We’ve had more than 1,000 campus screenings and a CNN broadcast to that end. And now a truly massive audience has a chance […]

Meet Some of the Survivors Who Made This Year’s Oscars Unforgettable


Lady Gaga’s performance at the 88th Academy Awards of her Oscar-nominated theme song from The Hunting Ground, titled “Til It Happens To You,” brought the house down. She shared the stage with 50 courageous survivors, many of them from the film, who received a standing ovation and who made it one of the most significant […]

13th Student Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Harvard

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.35.50 PM

Yet another sexual assault survivor has spoken up about Harvard’s failure to keep her safe. Alyssa Leader is the thirteenth Harvard student to file a Title IX lawsuit against the school, alleging that Harvard repeatedly ignored her reports of assault and even housed her with her attacker. The school has a legal duty to support […]