A Turning Point

On Sunday CNN broadcast The Hunting Ground into millions of homes and the response has been profound.

Despite the best efforts of trolls and rape deniers on social media and in print to hijack the conversation, despite the pleas of FSU President John Thrasher for the public to tune out, despite legal threats from star quarterback and accused rapist Jameis Winston to try and stop the broadcast—the documentary aired, and millions participated in a much-needed national discussion.

Online, it was clear that the public was persuaded by the facts and strongly voiced support.

We tracked more than 52 million impressions on Twitter alone. Political leaders, students, parents and teachers all voiced their support not just for the film, but for the incredible women and men who shared their stories of survival.

Following the broadcast, CNN hosted a roundtable discussion, inviting Amy and Kirby to discuss how the film was made and providing a space for some of the film’s critics to air their grievances.

Again, it was clear from the public response and the on-air panel discussion that nobody was fooled by the critics’ bad information.

Facts are facts, and judging from the overwhelming support we’ve received since The Hunting Ground’s TV debut, we’re confident that the film will continue to educate the public about these heinous crimes and coverups and lead to real change.

Thank you for your support, online and off. If you haven’t seen the film, you can watch it digitally here.

Once you see the documentary, take action. Go to See Act Stop and find ways to get involved.

Below are some words of encouragement from those viewing the film in real time. We can’t possibly do justice to the outpouring of support and solidarity, but this should give a glimpse of the impact we’re having together.