Watch this: Annie and Andrea

Despite what others say about it, at its core our film is about the triumph of activism. It’s about men and women who—totally abandoned and at great personal risk—found a way to challenge the most powerful institutions and confront years of misogyny and mistreatment of sexual assault victims. These women, men and allies have come together and started a new student movement to stop sexual assault on campuses.

This is the story of Annie and Andrea:

We hope that you see the humanity of the women and men around the country who refuse to stay silent and accept a culture of sexual violence. Think about them when the deniers, pundits and powerful interests try to silence survivors. Think about them when you see the mistruths and false arguments. Think about their strength to stand up and fight back. Then share this short clip as an act of defiance.

Campus sexual assault is real. But if we have the courage to speak up, we can stop it.

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