Announcing Til It Happens To You: Sing for Survivors

The Hunting Ground’s original theme song, “Til It Happens To You,” is a rare piece of popular music. It was created by two powerhouses in music industry: Diane Warren and Lady Gaga. It has climbed the charts. And it’s a song about surviving sexual assault.

This month, “Til It Happens To You” was nominated for an Academy Award. This is a groundbreaking platform for a song that has broken the silence about the culture of sexual assault. The buzz around this song has turned into a public discussion about how commonly women and men face sexual violence and, as a result, often experience trauma, shame, and silencing.

“Til It Happens To You” has become an anthem for survivors everywhere. It’s personal to countless individuals, some of whom even created their own versions of the song.

To elevate this song and the crisis of sexual assault even further, The Hunting Ground, in partnership with the It’s On Us campaign and ROK Mobile, is launching Til It Happens To You: Sing for Survivors, an a cappella contest in which college students are invited to record their own a cappella versions of the song to strengthen the movement and change our culture around sexual assault.

By bringing together students and the music community, we will be able to engage new allies in the fight against campus sexual assault and expand the reach and scope of our collaborative advocacy efforts.

Sing a song, spread the news, and change the world.